Barack Obama Resolution!

On Thursday the 19th we will be introducing a resolution to the House Transportation and Energy Committee to rename the portion of I-25 that passes through Denver County, The Barack Obama Highway.

Come show your support and join us in Committee Room 0112 (~10am) for the hearing!

If successful, Colorado would be the first city to honor President Obama in this way–commemorating his extraordinary message of hope and resiliency that will continue to inspire the nation for generations to come.

In eight years while in office, President Obama accomplished a great deal–leading the free world with strength and grace. Some of his most notable achievements include restructuring healthcare and the financial sector, enacting compassionate immigration reform, championing environmental protections, and supporting groundbreaking LGBT-rights decisions. Barack Obama also brought stability to the economy and the market–ultimately, handing over a system that is in far better form than it was when he took office.

He will be remembered for his dignity, poise, and the lack of scandal. He will be remembered for his leadership and aptitude. And perhaps most of all, he will be remembered for his unwavering commitment to the office he held and the profound example he set.

So let’s show him our appreciation and pass this resolution!

See you there!


As someone who grew up in Northwest Denver, we need more than just a vote in the State Capital, we need a voice. From affordable housing to ensuring equal pay, there are many issues I’m running to address in our state. 

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In 2014 Dan Pabon was elected to his third term in the Colorado State House representing the community he grew up in, Northwest Denver. He is a respected member of the House Leadership and is responsible for a number of signature bills supporting business growth, education and innovation.

He has served on Appropriations, Finance, Judiciary, Redistricting and Amendment 64 Committees.  Currently he serves on the Finance and Business Affairs Committees and serves as Speaker Pro Tempore of the House. 

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 Honored to join AGC Colorado to announce "Construction Careers Now" workforce development program - a new opportunity for unemployed and underemployed Coloradans to find a great career in the construction industry. No experience is required and there is no cost for tuition. Visit BuildColorado.com starting August 3rd to register. #‎coleg #‎copolitics

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Absolutely agree with the preceding three comments. Mark Kieft just about took the words out of my mouth. All Obama brought us was more war mongering and more obstruction to universal health care. The Nobel committee already disgraced itself by giving him the Peace Prize. He deserves nothing but an honest evaluation of his presidency - something which has so far not seen the light of day.

SHO MO | COMMENTED 2018-04-22 12:50:59 -0600 Tweet

Do not name the highway after Obama. Perhaps a garbage dump in need of a name?

JOHN SCHUBERT | COMMENTED 2018-04-19 22:24:23 -0600 Tweet

I agree with the sentiments of others who have posted on your website earlier today. DO NOT rename Interstate 25 after ANY political figure, and DO NOT waste taxpayer money on signage in connection with the same. If you don’t any have more pressing issues to address than this, you shouldn’t be representing the people of Colorado!

ANONYMOUS | COMMENTED 2018-04-19 21:40:23 -0600 Tweet

Do not rename I-25 after any political figure. Don’t you have more important business to address than crap like this.